Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Post 125: Surgery & Hospital Adventure


...and Happy Halloween!

I realize there has been radio silence lately (as well as almost nothing in the way of #inktober), so here's a quick update...mostly through images because we all know that's my strength and not this writing non-sense.

Recently I had to go under the knife to remove some nastiness from my back as well as a lymph node from under my arm. Thankfully, the pre-op and surgery went very well and the tests have all come back with the desirable results. It's been crazy the last few months, so hopefully now things can get back closer to normal...as close as we get.

Also, once again, kudos to "the beard" for putting up with post-anesthesia Emmy / recovering Emmy who said odd things, coerced him into stealing medical items and wandered around with her surgical drain.