Friday, January 20, 2012

Ok I lied...

I forgot, since I took the photos on their phones, to post pictures of the lovely cos-play my friends had at comic-con. This is the easiest place to find them:

You may recognize them from a piece I posted earlier in the blog.

Randel as "Randy" from Neo-Angelique

Randel & Kristen from Neo-Angelique

"New friend" from the above art.

 Their costumes looked awesome! It was neat to see the people who approached them either knowing who they were or just admiring the costumes.

And I think that is finally it on comic-con photos and art. I've got some new art to post in the next few days, stay tuned!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hawaii gift

My friend had the opportunity to continue her studies in athletic/sports related training, therapy...something (? I think) in HAWAII; needless to say I was incredibly jealous. And after taking some crap from the UConn footballers I figured this is exactly what studying in Hawaii should be like.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Comic Con Part 4

The last post from Comic Con!
For those of you that talked to me after I went you know there was TONS of stuff that I babbled on incessantly about but I feel like I covered a pretty good amount here in the blog. I got a camera for Christmas this year - so now when I go to conventions I can not only take 3x as many photos but they will also be a bit nicer! (My camera abilities are really poor so I make no promises about the photos themselves but the resolution will be sensational).
This last set is of a couple of cos-players who not only hung out and chatted with us (and were cool dudes), but indulged my taking lots of photos. Also, one of their friends who was not in costume was a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan - so we were buds immediately. Go Pens!
Bane needs a moment to conduct business.

Uh oh Bats...

It's on now.


Hold for applause. 


The helmet went the way of batman.
Moral of the story? Bane and Rocketeer were awesome. Comic Con was amazing. Here's to more in the future!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Pause!

Before I post the last set of comic con photos, I wanted to put up the Christmas card I drew for this year. The idea came from Jared ( (who also wrote Adventures in Crapville); he shot me an email with the idea asking if it was something I wanted to work on and 2 days later I saw him at the shop with a nearly finished version. I mailed/handed out a bunch of them but it case you didn't see it here you go:

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NYCC Part 3

Artists in Artist Alley!
As silly as it may sound, with part of the cast from the Avengers being at the con this year, but the people I was most excited to see where the hundreds of artists in the alley. It was my chance to meet the people behind the art I buy every month, hang on my walls, and obsessively track through various art related websites. It was also my chance this year to gain feedback on my own art and maybe get my name out there just a little bit.
There aren't as many photos as I was talking with people and didn't have my phone out.

Alvin Lee

Daniel Sampere

Awesome "Death" print I got.

Jonboy Meyers

This guy was so awesome - I bought his sketchbook and he did this really detailed drawing of...(something from warcraft?) I may have not known what it was - but it gave me a great chance to just talk with him while he drew.

Ryan Benjamin

Ryan is the artist on the new Batman Beyond comics and I love, love love his stuff so to watch him draw this amazing commission of Terry as Batman and old Bruce behind was just incredible.

I stood and watched him draw for a while.
I didn't get a photo with Brad Guigar (see post about Evil Inc.) but as I mentioned in a past post - we had a great conversation and talked probably the most about my art. There were so many artist that I talked to and didn't snap photos of, but all in all amazing time.

One more set of photos after this, and then it will almost be time for another con season!