Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NYCC Part 3

Artists in Artist Alley!
As silly as it may sound, with part of the cast from the Avengers being at the con this year, but the people I was most excited to see where the hundreds of artists in the alley. It was my chance to meet the people behind the art I buy every month, hang on my walls, and obsessively track through various art related websites. It was also my chance this year to gain feedback on my own art and maybe get my name out there just a little bit.
There aren't as many photos as I was talking with people and didn't have my phone out.

Alvin Lee

Daniel Sampere

Awesome "Death" print I got.

Jonboy Meyers

This guy was so awesome - I bought his sketchbook and he did this really detailed drawing of...(something from warcraft?) I may have not known what it was - but it gave me a great chance to just talk with him while he drew.

Ryan Benjamin

Ryan is the artist on the new Batman Beyond comics and I love, love love his stuff so to watch him draw this amazing commission of Terry as Batman and old Bruce behind was just incredible.

I stood and watched him draw for a while.
I didn't get a photo with Brad Guigar (see post about Evil Inc.) but as I mentioned in a past post - we had a great conversation and talked probably the most about my art. There were so many artist that I talked to and didn't snap photos of, but all in all amazing time.

One more set of photos after this, and then it will almost be time for another con season!

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