Monday, January 9, 2012

Comic Con Part 4

The last post from Comic Con!
For those of you that talked to me after I went you know there was TONS of stuff that I babbled on incessantly about but I feel like I covered a pretty good amount here in the blog. I got a camera for Christmas this year - so now when I go to conventions I can not only take 3x as many photos but they will also be a bit nicer! (My camera abilities are really poor so I make no promises about the photos themselves but the resolution will be sensational).
This last set is of a couple of cos-players who not only hung out and chatted with us (and were cool dudes), but indulged my taking lots of photos. Also, one of their friends who was not in costume was a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan - so we were buds immediately. Go Pens!
Bane needs a moment to conduct business.

Uh oh Bats...

It's on now.


Hold for applause. 


The helmet went the way of batman.
Moral of the story? Bane and Rocketeer were awesome. Comic Con was amazing. Here's to more in the future!

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