Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Comic Cons

Phew - it's been a crazy month! Preparing and attending two Comic Cons was awesome, I couldn't be happier with the end result. I intend to post a more in depth con report at some point with photos and art... but not this time. I'm still recovering and tackling all the things that backed up while I was preparing for Hero Bot Con & NYCC.

BUT I will leave you with art I created for NYCC specifically. The character on the left is "Leah" from my comic "Adventures in Crapville", the character on the right is from the webcomic "Evil Inc." which if you aren't reading you should start RIGHT NOW. Not only is Brad Guigar a very talented artist, but his writing is fun and he includes some excellent puns (which I love!). I've met Brad at previous cons and he is always super friendly and happy to chat with you - which was awesome this past weekend when he actually remembered me!

I had him sign the print and give feedback on my comic, which was so cool (SO COOL) ((imagine my excitement being about 50x as much as you are getting from this post)).

That's all the gushing for now - more to come soon!

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