Sunday, December 25, 2011

Photos from Comic Con - Finally!

So to start off the very delayed New York City Comic Con photo-dump I'm going to post all of the cos-play photos I took. Now, mind you there were SO MANY amazing ones I didn't get photos of, so this is a small cross section.
And apologies, these were all taken with my phone which doesn't have the best camera, but I was just happy to have anything.
If anyone can tell me who or what this thing is or from I would appreciate it. I just thought it was a way cool costume. Also, shame on me for taking the photo with the light so strong in the background - I am certainly NOT a great photographer.
Cool station where you could pay to sit in the DeLorean and have your photos taken with an impressive looking "Marty" and a super creepy, not so impressive "Doc".

Excellent Dr. Horrible costume from "Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog".
Green Lantern chick - I have no clue if she's a specific character or just "Green Lantern Corp", but awesome costume either way.


Power Girl and Elastic Man - really sharp costumes.

Wolverine and Zatanna
Wolverine and Zatanna

Wolverine and Zatanna I see you!

And another well done Zatanna costume.   


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