Monday, April 14, 2014

Convention Commissions

Hey everyone! A huge thank you to everyone who came out for the River Road Expo yesterday - it was a great turnout and ended up being a really fun event. Thank YOU!

I was hoping to write up a more detailed post about the event, and upcoming events/plans but as I am back to the grind trying to get penciled pages done for a new local comic, a finished 10 page comic done by early June, new prints and a fancy new Steam Punk book done for the big event in August (phew!), I will leave you with the commissions I had the pleasure of working on for this weekend.

*Unfortunately, I missed a photo of a Dr. Strange piece I did,
 if you got that and want to send me a pic that would be great!*

Batwoman for Liz

Bat-women for Liz

"Soviet Russia" for Liz's friend

Medusa for Mark

Rainbow Dash

Mystic vs Ms Marvel for Mark

Young Justice for Krisi

Puck & Spiral for Mark

Supergirl for Sara

"The Balm" for The Balm


Birthday card for Max

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