Saturday, June 27, 2015

Post 110: Heroes Con Recap

What a great weekend! Heroes continues to be one of my favorite conventions - tons of artists, lots of beautiful art, great panels. So FUN! Here's my recap:

Waaaay overdue commission for M3 writer Erica. Great read - check it out!

New Batgirl and SpiderGwen sketch cover

Mohawk Storm and Rogue sketch cover

My table setup

Wonderful Flycatcher cosplay!

Hocus Pocus! "Winifred" could even do the high pitched vibrato, it was awesome.


Kim Possible

Mad Max...which I haven't watched yet...but the cosplay was cool!

Namor sketch card 

Punk Rock Sailor Moon - YES.

 Ramón Pérez

 Rat Queens
Why yes, that is Roller Derby Batman ladies.

Ryan Stegman

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