Thursday, August 14, 2014

Final Update before T2C2

It's so close! I will have:

2 new BOOKS: Reckless Geometry & SwanBurger #3.14
(in addition to SwanBurger #1 & 2, Adventures in Crapville #1, 2 & 2.5)

 - 2 new prints available - a little Guardians of the Galaxy love
(in addition to the Wonder Woman, pin-up girl and zombie prints)

- 2 new cards, great for birthdays and the upcoming holidays
(in addition to the Valentine's Day cards)

1 new t-shirt  - on black this time!

I will also be doing Commissions:

I'm also moderating and participating in a panel at 3:00pm on Saturday:

Can't wait to see everyone!

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